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Interactive Training Programs

Our training programs are derived from Eli Mina's three decades of experience as a Registered Parliamentarian and Board Effectiveness Consultant. Eli's specific areas of expertise include:
  • Building Better Decision Making Bodies;
  • Demystifying Robert's Rules of Order (and other Parliamentary Manuals);
  • Making Meetings Work Better;
  • Preventing and Dealing with Disputes and Dysfunctions;
  • Agendas, Minutes and Related Issues.

Our training programs have been especially beneficial to:
  • Municipal Councils and Regional Boards;
  • Education Boards, Health Boards, and other public bodies;
  • Leaders of Aboriginal Communities (Chiefs, Local Councils, Tribal Councils);
  • Regulatory Bodies for Professionals (law societies, health regulatory colleges, etc.);
  • Credit Union Boards and Non-Profit Boards;
  • Corporate Secretaries, Municipal Clerks, Secretary/Treasurers, Lawyers.

Our programs are designed to help elected members and senior staff work collaboratively to achieve excellence in decision making. Specifically, these programs can help you:
  • Achieve a proud legacy of informed and thoughtful decisions;
  • Deal constructively with tough issues and conflicting opinions;
  • Embrace habits that earn and inspire respect and confidence;
  • Avoid habits that increase risk and diminish public trust;
  • Conduct efficient, well focused and inclusive meetings;
  • Demystify the rules of order and use them sensibly and intelligently;
  • Evaluate the Board/Council, the Chair, individual members, and other aspects.

We offer you three training options:
  1. Contact us to discuss customized in-house sessions.
  2. Send individuals to publicly scheduled training.
  3. Take self paced e-training in the comfort of your own office or home.


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