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Parliamentary Services

 Service as a Professional Parliamentarian

Invite an expert on meeting procedure to help you by:

  • Serving as a Professional Parliamentarian (Annual General Meetings, Board Meetings).
  • Preparing Standing Rules for potentially contentious meetings.
  • Drafting Ordinary and Special Resolutions.
  • Coordinating and overseeing nominations and elections by ballot.
  • Reviewing and commenting on the overall meeting script.
  • Helping your Chair prepare for handling motions, amendments & other procedures.
  • Arranging to meet various factions to establish the objectivity of the process.
  • Serving as an expert witness on Robert's Rules of Order (and other parliamentary books).
  • Preparing expert opinions on parliamentary procedure and rules of order.
  • Reviewing meeting videos or audios and offering observations and feedback.

 Service as a Presiding Officer

Invite an impartial presiding officer or facilitator to:

  • Preside over contentious Annual General Meetings or Board/Council meetings.
  • Facilitate divisive partnership meetings with anticipated power struggles.
  • Lead inter-departmental meetings to discuss significant structural changes.
  • Chair public hearings to discuss contentious re-zoning bylaws (local government).
  • Conduct nominations and contested elections.
  • Preside over removal or disciplinary proceedings.


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