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Mentoring and Coaching

 General Mentoring & Coaching Program

As a leader, manager or executive, you may sometimes find it lonely at the top. People expect you to perform miracles. They blame you when things go wrong, and don't even say a word when you do things right. Your personal mentoring and coaching program can help you:

  • Plan and chair effective meetings.
  • Negotiate your mandate with the person or group to whom you are accountable.
  • Clarify the allocation of decision making powers and accountabilities .
  • Make tough decisions with clarity and confidence.
  • Work with difficult people or address group dysfunctions.
  • Give feedback and mentor and coach your staff

 Board Chairs & Mayors Program

If you are a senior elected officer (Board Chair, Mayor), your personal mentoring and coaching program can help you:

  • Become an effective leader and earn the respect of your Council or Board.
  • Define your role versus the role of the most senior staff officer (CEO, Administrator).
  • Establish credibility, trust and mutual respect with your community.
  • Chair contentious Council, Board or Committee meetings, or Public Hearings.
  • Resolve disputes among elected members or between them and staff members.
  • Learn to use the rules of order sensibly and intelligently.

 Senior Staff Officers Program

Senior staff officers have the tough job of interacting with Boards that are elected for a limited period. Your personal mentoring program can help you:

  • Build trust and mutual respect with the Chair and the members of the Board
  • Establish your roles versus the role of the Board or Council with which you work.
  • Give your Board principle-based feedback when it crosses the line into staff roles
  • Protect your management team and staff from bullying, harassment and interference.
  • Develop an orientation program for your incoming Board or Council.
  • Think, operate and build relationships in a strategic manner.

 Meeting Mentoring Retainer Package

The Meeting Mentoring Program will help you establish a new brand of meetings and elevate your shared decision-making standards. Through on-going professional support, the program will help you in:

Shifting your meetings away from:
  • A reactive focus in meeting agendas
  • Dominated, poorly focused, inefficient debates
  • Advancing narrow interests
  • Political, short-sighted, risk-prone decisions
  • An adversarial climate ("combat zone")
  • Predictable outcomes "inside the box"
  • Rules of order wasting time, impeding progress
Shifting your meetings towards:
  • A proactive and strategic focus in agendas
  • Balanced, clear, ROI-driven debates
  • Advancing broad community interests
  • Principle-based decision making
  • A collaborative climate ("construction zone")
  • Smart & creative outcomes "outside the box"
  • Rules of order used sensibly & intelligently

Who This Program is Suitable For

The Meeting Mentoring Program is geared to assist some or all of the following officers:

  • Senior administrative officers (CEO, Municipal Clerk, Secretary-Treasurer, others)
  • Senior elected officials (Mayor, Board Chair)

A Basic Retainer (proposed base-total: 60 hours a year)

The Meeting Mentoring Program consists of monthly consultations to review progress and set new meeting and decision-making targets, as well as ad-hoc consultations about new issues and challenges. The basic retainer is likely to focus on the following goals:

  • Making meeting agendas more proactive and strategically driven
  • Improving the allocation of time in meetings (for a better ROI)
  • Structuring logically-flowing debates on complex or controversial issues
  • Writing resolutions and preparing decision-making options
  • Dealing effectively with organizational disputes and dysfunctions
  • Preventing costly procedural errors.
  • Using rules of order sensibly and intelligently

An Expanded Retainer (hours set in consultation with the client)

Optional areas that can be addressed in an expanded retainer include:

  • Community consultation and stakeholder involvement processes.
  • Advice on policy documents (Procedures, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality).
  • "Quick reference procedural guides" for meeting participants.
  • Committee structure, mandates, allocation of decision-making powers.
  • Preparing for a contentious meeting or public hearing..

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