by Eli Mina
Rules of Order - Demystified
Fun and Learning at a Gathering of Parliamentarians    NEW
Parliamentary Myths (Part 1)
Parliamentary Myths (Part 2)
Parliamentary Myths (Part 3)
Parliamentary Myths (Part 4)
Quorum Dilemmas (Part 1)
Quorum Dilemmas (Part 2)
Quorum Dilemmas (Part 3)
This Math Does Not Work
The Requisition
Surprise Quotes from Robert's Rules of Order (RONR)
'Meeting Behind Closed Doors?' (Part 1)
'Meeting Behind Closed Doors?' (Part 2)
'Meeting Behind Closed Doors?' (Part 3)
'Calling the Question' (Part 2)
Seconding a Motion: Myths versus Facts
Can an Amendment Introduce an Entirely New Option?
Do Rules Enable Effectiveness or Impede It?
It's Like Pushing the PAUSE button
Is it OK to Raise a Voting Threshold?
An Emphatic Tone or Definitive Knowledge?
Common Myths about Nominations and Elections
Must the Chair Be Neutral?
A Trick Question
Are Term Limits Advisable?
Re-visiting a Previous Decision
Pay me Now or Pay me Later
Go Learn the Rules?
Dont's Sign That Blank Cheque !!
Vanishing Quorum as a Strategy
Approval in Principle: What Does it Mean?
Can the Chair Say No?
A Script For Nominations and Elections
Should Negative Motions Be Allowed?
Should Proxy Voting Be Allowed?
Does an Ex-officio Member Vote?
Calling the Question
What does a Tie Vote Mean?
Avoiding Nasty Surprises at a Meeting
Can the Chair be "Challenged"?
Just What Is a Registered Parliamentarian?
Using Rules of Order Sensibly and Intelligently
Participation Guidelines for Large Meetings
What's Arising from the Minutes?
Is a Motion to Receive a Report Necessary?
A Rescue from those Confusing Amendments


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