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  Building better decision making teams and leaders

Governance & Problem Solving

 Decision Making System Review

Retain us to assess your decision making system and and identify flaws that may be increasing risk, liability, and Board dysfunction.

Areas we can analyze and comment on include:

 Helping You Work with Difficult Team Members

Retain us to help you work with team members who:

  • Act unilaterally and outside their scope of authority.
  • Leak confidential information to outside parties.
  • Place constituency interests ahead of broad organizational interests.
  • Violate conflict of interest guidelines.
  • Habitually miss meetings, arrive late or leave early.
  • Introduce late agenda items and motions "on the fly".
  • Dominate, ramble, repeat themselves, or lose their tempers during meetings.
  • Do not prepare for meetings.
  • Come to meetings with closed minds.
  • Always oppose and attack but do not propose anything.
  • Nitpick on small procedural details and insist on absolute perfection.

 Facilitating Organizational Renewal Programs

Retain us to facilitate organizational renewal and re-structuring. Specifically, we can:

  • Involve members in identifying structural problems that need to be addressed.
  • Involve members in developing options to reinforce the decision making system.
  • Lead consensus-building sessions, to assess re-structuring and renewal options.
  • Resolve sticky issues and establish comfort with the outcomes.
  • Prepare a transition plan from the current structures to the new ones.


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