Minute Taking Standards and Related Issues
An online tutorial by Eli Mina

$250.00 plus applicable taxes

Tutorial Description:

The tutorial includes seven modules, to be completed within thirty days. The tutorial is self paced and does not include any lectures. After purchasing the tutorial, log in and DOWNLOAD "Mina's Guide to Minute Taking" E-BOOK. For each of the seven modules, review the corresponding chapter in "Mina's Guide to Minute Taking", and then log in and answer a series of questions (partly based on the book), and compare each reply to Eli Mina's reply.


As a result of taking the "Minute Taking Standards & Related Issues" on-line tutorial, you will:
1. Understand minute taking concepts and key principles.
2. Identify options for minute taking standards for the organization.
3. Learn to prepare concise, clear and logical minutes for informal meetings.
4. Understand how formal meeting procedures should be recorded in minutes.
5. Appreciate the impacts of privacy and access to information on meetings and minutes.
6. Understand the minutes approval process and its impacts.
7. Develop a positive working relationship with your group's Chair and members.


The textbook for this course is "Mina's Guide to Minute Taking" E-BOOK. It is included in the cost of this course and can be DOWNLOADED by logging in (after paying for the tutorial).

Seven Modules:

Module 1: Minutes: Definitions and Key Principles
Module 2: Minute Taking Standards
Module 3: Minutes of Informal Meetings
Module 4: Minutes of Formal Meetings
Module 5: Minutes of Closed Meetings
Module 6: Minutes Approval Process
Module 7: Minute Taker's Roles


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