Making Meetings Work - Podcasts & Tip Sheets

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Welcome to Making Meetings Work on-line course. This suite of podcasts and tip sheets is designed to help you improve your skills as a meeting chair or member. Eli Mina, Meeting Mentor and Registered Parliamentarian, offers guidance and advice regarding all aspects of planning, conducting, and managing effective meetings. It is a must-listen for all new and experienced board, council and committee chairs and members.

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Part One - Building the Foundation for Effective Meetings

Learn how to develop a clear and compelling sense of purpose, ensure that meeting participants are effective contributors, and establish ground rules for interaction during the meeting. The tip sheet outlines how to create a foundation for effective meetings to maximize committee effectiveness and productivity.

Part Two - Planning and Agenda Design

Explore the steps involved in building a meaningful and productive meeting agenda in Part Two of the series. The tip sheet offers ideas and checklists for planning an effective meeting.

Part Three - Roles of the Meeting Chair

Part Three of the series explains how to strategically manage time, people and the meeting's agenda. Tools are given for chairing meetings effectively, bringing out the best in members, and orchestrating productive discussions.

Part Four - Avoiding Chaotic, Adversarial & Aimless Meetings

Using a case study, Part Four analyzes approaches and techniques that can be utilized to create productive and enjoyable meetings.The tip sheet provides suggestions and strategies for maintaining (and restoring) a productive meeting environment.

Part Five - Rules of Order and Minutes: Key Points

Part Five reviews useful tools for maintaining the appropriate structure and formality required for democratic decision-making. It offers guidance for using meeting procedures and minutes to sustain and promote a meeting environment that is democratic, creative, inclusive, transparent and accountable.

Part Six - Answers to Your Questions

Eli Mina responds to questions on handling common meeting challenges including participation, follow-through, time management, focus, and related dilemmas.


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