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Eli Mina, M.Sc., P.R.P.

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Board Effectiveness Consultant
(Preventing & Handling Dysfunctions)
Registered Parliamentarian
(Expert on Rules of Order)
Impartial Meeting Chair
Contentious Meetings)
Trainer, Speaker, Book Author
 Promotional Video on Eli Mina, his work, and his book
 Eli Mina discusses his work and his legacy
 Eli Mina speaks about his book
 Eli Mina talks about dysfunction in the Boardroom

New Videos! Watch Eli Mina talk about his work, book and legacy.

Eli has recently recorded videos about his work, his book, and his legacy. Hover over the thumbnails above to view the description of each video. Click on a thumbnail to watch the video. When you are done watching a video, click the "Back to the Video Menu" link to return to this menu.

New Podcast!

Click here for a podcast with Eli Mina, entitled "What's the Deal with Robert's Rules?"

 We can help you create:

  • Cohesive decision-making bodies
  • Effective partners in decision-making
  • Smart, strategically-driven decisions
  • Productive and inclusive meetings
  • Sensible use of rules of order

 We can help you prevent:

  • Damaging disputes and dysfunctions
  • Disruptive or acquiescent members
  • Flawed and risk-prone decisions
  • Chaotic, adversarial, aimless meetings
  • Nitpicking about rules of order

 Our Offerings:

We offer our clients the following services and programs:

 What Makes Our Approach Unique:

  • We do not hesitate to give advice that a client may not expect.
  • We ask tough questions and give you direct and honest feedback.
  • We focus on root causes of disputes and dysfunctions.
  • We challenge you to stop opposing and start proposing alternatives.
  • We help liberate you and your team from self-limiting habits and attitudes.
  • We venture to turn organizational disputes and dysfunctions into opportunities.

 Client Comments on the Difference We Make:

General Feedback on our work:

  • "Eli, on behalf of the Board and Management, thank you very much for an inspiring meeting. I touched base with those who attended and each of them felt much better informed about their Board responsibilities. The humble and unassuming manner you possess, together with the brilliant way you are able to put a tough point across with absolute clarity, is exceptional. You are indeed a true virtuoso at your craft."
  • "As a new Mayor with a new Council, I can say that all of us (and our community) have greatly benefited from your sage advice. It makes me proud to be the leader of my Council, and I am very thankful for your teachings and words of wisdom."
  • "Whenver I have a tough time running a meeting, I listen to your voice inside my head and know exactly what to do."

Feedback on our parliamentary services:
  • "Our meeting agendas used to be a `free-for-all', which meant we invariably hit `rush hour' at the end of a meeting. With your system of prioritizing issues, we are now more focused and efficient."
  • "As a meeting participant, I always assumed it was only up to the Chair to intervene if we were off track. You gave me simple and practical tools to assert myself in a meeting without getting angry.".
  • "We used to get bogged down in futile arguments about rules of order, like which motion needs a seconder and what `tabling' means. You helped us simplify and de-formalize our meetings."
Feedback on our governance and problem solving services:
  • "When we talk to you, I know I can't get away with generalizations, assumptions or mediocre excuses. You are not afraid to challenge me, and you do it softly and respectfully, but also firmly."
  • "You gave me the confidence to say NO - graciously but firmly - to a very outspoken member of our Board. I never thought I could actually do it."
  • "You displayed an exceptional ability to listen, understand our problem, and - with our participation - lead us to smart and achievable solutions."

Feedback on our training programs:
  • "People who participated in your workshops keep telling me how differently they do things now, and how much more productive their meetings are. Your workshops were not only interesting, but also produced immediate and enduring results for us."
  • "You practiced what you preached and ran the seminar as a productive yet inclusive meeting. Time went by very quickly. People who usually find excuses to leave in the afternoon stayed for the entire day, and that's quite an accomplishment. You are a consummate professional, and have such a solid, intelligent and principled approach to your work."
  • "Eli, as always, your presentation was amazing. You are an incredible role model, not only as a meeting chair, but also as a communicator and a human being. Afterwards, people made comments like: `How did he do that?' as in: `How did he keep everyone so attentive?' and `How did he make such a strong message so subtly?' Very impressive."

 Information about Eli Mina:

Eli Mina, M.Sc., P.R.P. is a Vancouver-based Board effectiveness consultant and Registered Parliamentarian. Since 1984, Eli has advised his clients on building better decision making bodies, dealing with disputes and dysfunctions, planning and running better meetings, demystifying the rules of order, and minute taking standards. Eli's clients come from local government, native organizations, educational institutions, credit unions, and the non-profit sector. Eli is the author of five books on meetings and shared decision making.


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